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We begin with complementary consultation discuss your flooring (or tile) requests. Our team will provide accurate measurements in order to best assist with your flooring (or tile) needs.

Customers are encouraged to explore their flooring and tile options. You can purchase your own favorite brand, color, style of flooring or tiles, while ISH Contractors can provide the installation services. For those who needs more information and décor guidance, we can provide sales assistance if needed for an additional fee.

Once a project begins, every flooring and tile work starts with removing your old flooring and prepare subfloor surfaces. Unless purchased material independently, ISH Contractors will deliver materials to your home.

Our team will cover entry ways and vents to minimize dust and debris. We will make sure a quality work is done to the customer’s satisfaction with laying out and install your new flooring.

In order to maintain an echo-friendly worksite, we separate debris and remove it to the appropriate recycling facilities. Upon completion we will clean up the installation area and remove project waste. It is important to perform a final walk through so customers can inspect the outcome.